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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 5:15 am

Copy and paste this app to use for your app:

Character Name:
Main job and level:
Other jobs and subjobs:
Are you willing to switch to any of your alternate jobs? (Yes/No):
Country and Rank:
Zilart Mission Progress:
CoP Mission Progress:
TAU Mission Progress:
Dynamis wins:
Crafting Levels:
Merits (be specific):
Linkshells you have held in the past:
Current Linkshell:
Why you are leaving your current Linkshell:
Does anyone else have access to your account? (Yes/No):
Have you done a server transfer or name change within the past 12 months? (If so, please provide server name, character name, and reason for changing):
Time Zone:
Your normal playing hours:
Do you have easy access to a computer and the internet? (Yes/No):
What Events do you plan on attending:(Sky/Sea/ZNM/etc)
If accepted to Plague, will you make an effort to visit our forums regularly? (Yes/No):
Are you willing to camp HNM at random times during the day? (Yes/No):
Please add anything else you feel would be useful in evaluating your application:
Where did you hear about us:

Once an app has been accepted/declined, it will be moved to the members area/deleted, dont be intimidated by lack of apps to compare yourself to, unlike some shells, we like people Smile
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